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 The Robopenguin Rules

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PostSubject: The Robopenguin Rules   Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:32 pm

Welcome to Robopenguin! Hopefully you will stay active so you don't get deleted. If your not active for 5 days you are warned. After 10 days you are deleted. If your have a family occasion please say it in hello/goodbye and PM asimo.

No Spamming
-No triple posting
-Stay on-topic
-Nothing inappropriate(this forum is made for children
-No Youtube Videos(you may only post these in a spoiler code)
[spoiler] text/movie url here [/spoiler]
-No more than 5 smilies a post

-You may only advertise in your signature
-Signatures can be any size
-Signature Limit at 500 X 200 Pixels. Feel free to write as much text as you want
-Don't put inappropriate stuff in your signature or links to it

Admin or Mod Information
-Asking to be a Mod or Admin makes your chance less likely to be one!
-Questions can be answered from PMing Admins

-If you notice below your avatar you have a thing called Infractions with a number
-Violating the rules will give you a number 1 or 2 added to your Infractions Bar
-After getting 3 strikes you are banned for 2 months
-After 2 months you will be able to access the forum again
-After a Ban you will now have only 1 chance instead of 3!
-If you get that 1 infraction after a ban then your are deleted and your IP is deleted
-Deleting your IP makes it so you cant make another account
-If you have multiple account on one computer, banning an IP will ban all accounts

Our Forum is made for children. We keep our forum nice and safe. Cuss words will result in a ban after done twice. Our admins actually will edit and take out cuss words. If you read in the rules this is made so you child cant access youtube and inappropriate stuff will result in an automatic ban! If you have any Questions or Concerns please Feel Free contacting our Staff Email in an Admins sig or just Private Message an Admin!

Forum Rules
Meetings and Parties: Must put all USA times or just one CP standard time
The Studio: Nothing inappropriate


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The Robopenguin Rules
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