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 The Coin System Tutorial

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PostSubject: The Coin System Tutorial   Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:06 pm

Welcome to the coin system tutorial! Here you will find out how to get coins, how to use them and some other stuff

How to get coins------------------------------------------------------------------
There are a few ways to get coins! One way is to post sommething intersting! If somebody posted something interesting please notify me!
You can also Submit a sig or avatar to the shop by PMing Asimo and you will get 20-30 coins depending on size and everything
Another way is that if your thw one with the most posts at the end of each month then you will get some coins!
Next you can advertise us in a forum or site. If you do this please notify an admin and we will check it out. All admins please notify asimo if somebody pms you saying they put a sig in another forum!
All Admins get payed every month as a pay check for getting this site running!They get 50coins monthly.If you tip us then that means asimo will split it evenly to all admins! Also robopenguin of the month gets a 60 coin prize!
Contests are a good way if you win a contest! When you win you get coins. Il make a forum thats called contests! The creater of the contest please PM me on how much you put as a prize and then notify me when you have a winner!
Spending coins----------------------------------------------------------------
You can spend coins by donating in the tip jar or using them in the shop
Questions? Concerns? If so PLEASE contact asimo
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The Coin System Tutorial
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